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Mario Strikers Charged, or MSC, may seem easy to understand at first, but a complex game is hidden underneath it's simple exterior. If you take the time to learn how to play on an advanced level, the possibilities are endless, the rewards substantial, and most importantly, you will have fun.

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Current Events

Power Rankings

Treesus 1200
Shadowinvadr 1200
Batman 1200
Miles 1200
Tangy 1200
Berble 1200
Yuki 1200
Sothe 1200
CC 1200
Josh 1200

Striker Cup Standings

Place Name Points
1st Treesus 39
2nd Shadowinvadr 34
3rd CC 23
4th Paolito 22
5th Berble 21
6th Yuki 17
7th Tangy 16
8th Colygrim 14
9th Sothe 10
10th Boohead86 5
11th Luis 4

This cup is still underway.


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Featured Video

Agon2 - TSV

Agon2 - TSV

A video by Treesus and Shadowinvadr showing competitive Strikers at its finest.

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